Professional TV interview Training by The Pincus Group

If your company or organization interacts with the media, professional media training is a must. Professional TV interview training helps you prepare for any type of media interaction. It goes beyond the basics of interacting with print, radio, TV or internet reporters to understand how to craft a message for any medium and what you need to know to powerfully communicate your organization’s message through the media.

How Does Our Training Benefit You?

TV interview training by The Pincus Group can help you learn how to:
•Deliver the message you want to deliver
•Handle off point or hostile questions
•Stay calm and confident under pressure
•Put yourself and your organization in the best light
•Prepare to look and sound confident and authentic

Media Training is offered either in-person or remotely and can be designed to mimic any kind of media interview you might face including live, remote, print, radio or television. Media Training can also include live studio work or teleprompter training in actual studios.

What Makes Us Suitable For You?

TV interview training prepares you for success, whether you’re new to media interviews or experienced. You’ll learn a full range of skills from the visuals of TV interviews like body language, and dress, to pacing, voice and the all-important message delivery. If you’re speaking on behalf of yourself, an organization or a company, be sure you’re prepared to showcase yourself or your team at your best.

Media Training gives you the skills needed to make the most out of every media opportunity.

Call us today for a free consultation and begin preparing to direct and define your media presence today!