Frequently Asked Questions

Each session is customized, but all involve interactive practice with our seasoned coaches. Our clients learn by doing, enhancing skills with videotaped exercises specifically designed for them. We match the right coach to the right client and design agendas in half-day, full-day or two-day sessions to produce targeted and concrete results. Remote or in person sessions now available.

We’ve successfully trained an incredible array of individuals, teams, and groups. We’ve coached sales teams, academics, researchers, scientists, diplomats and public figures at every executive level, with a special expertise working with C-suite executives. We’ve worked with startups and Blue Chip firms, public and private sector clients, local community groups to national organizations, in small cities to international offices. We help a wide variety of those in the public eye as well as those engaged in B2B and internal communications. In short, we excel at training anyone whose success depends on communicating with power.

We offer half-day (in Washington DC), full-day and two-day sessions. Some clients train with us in preparation for a single event, while others come back repeatedly for ongoing work as new initiatives arise. We’re proud that so many of our clients come back to us over the years as their needs change.

Yes! We teach you a methodology for preparing for speeches, presentations, testimony, or media interviews, walk you through best practices, and then expertly guide your individual performance through rounds of videotaped, realistic practices. Ask us about our full year of free follow-up consultations designed to help you stay on track with new skills. And visit our client page for more on what our existing clients have to say about their results.

From Washington DC to Washington State, from Denver to Dubai, our trainers are on the go wherever our clients need us. Virtual sessions are now also available, or you can train with us at a location convenient to you. Our new international office serving Western Europe is now open.

Yes, we can accommodate any number in our training sessions. We can design different formats for different sized groups and combine training disciplines (such as media and speech training) into a single agenda. We’ll even train-the-trainer and give internal communications teams new power.

No. Public classes are best suited for building entry-level skills. Our specialty is providing skill training for mid and senior level executives and professionals of all kinds who need individual skill performances raised. We do however deliver customized seminars for large groups of various skill levels.

We’ve been there. Our coaches have years of experience as communication strategists in the public and private sectors. We put that expertise to work for our clients with a focus on both content and delivery of a wide variety of communications. In addition, each of our senior coaches has over a decade of experience as reporters with national and major local market media outlets.

Yes. We can review video tapes, speeches, articles and presentations and offer phone consultations for those needing expert feedback. For those needing training and consultation over a variety of disciplines and over a period of time, we offer our reputation enhancement service for maximum flexibility and hourly rates. We offer specialized communications training for litigators, lobbyists and executives preparing for IPO’s. Special rates are available for non-profits, state and federal clients, as well as woman and minority owned small businesses.