Communications Experts

Nothing guarantees success the way effective communication can. And no one delivers communications training more effectively than The Pincus Group.

Communications and media training are what we’re passionate about. Communications success for each and every client is what we’re committed to. We come by our unique expertise the old fashioned way … we’ve earned it. All of our senior trainers gained their expertise on the front lines of communications as former national and local reporters, with decades of experience asking the questions and writing the stories you’ve heard, read, and seen. We combine that unique experience with expertise gained on the other side of the communications spectrum. We’ve worked as senior political advisors, corporate communication executives, speech writers, and public speakers.

Our veteran communicators have successfully prepared public figures, executives, managers, officials, candidates, authors and spokespersons for powerful and effective public communications of all kinds. We’ve helped CEOs, scientists, engineers, architects, administrators, politicians, diplomats, advocates, sales teams and industry experts meet their unique communication challenges.

Each session in media training, presentation skill training, speech training and crisis communications is uniquely designed to meet the needs of our executive clients. We’re committed to our clients’ success and prove it with a full year follow-up commitment at no additional charge. Before you deliver your next presentation, face that media interview, prepare another speech, begin your campaign, meet regulators, land in crisis, or attempt to emerge from a current one, arm yourself with communications confidence.

Training Capabilities

Three things set The Pincus Group apart: the depth and breadth of our team’s experience, the customization we build into every training, and our ongoing commitment to our clients’ success.

First and foremost, every Pincus Group senior trainer has spent at least a decade as a professional journalist in major local or national news markets. Each senior trainer has added experience working in corporate, non-profit, political or public relations advocacy communications. Our trainers have extensive experience preparing decision-makers at the highest levels of corporate America and in the public sector for communications success.

Secondly, each session is customized to meet our clients’ needs. We understand each client is unique and design our training sessions accordingly. Our clients don’t have to fit the training, the training fits our clients.

Finally, to keep clients on track with new skills, we back up every one of our coaching sessions with a full year of follow-up consultations to ensure and strengthen your ongoing success.

Before you prepare your next presentation, deliver your next speech or face your next media interview, turn to The Pincus Group for training to arm you with the confidence you need to excel in all your executive communications. We’ll be at your side with training to ensure you’ll match the power of your communications, to the power of your ideas.