Powerful Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training
Powerful Public Speaking and Presentation Training
Powerful Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Presentation / Media / speech coaching


Our executive presentation training is designed to help you quickly identify and unlock your  individual strength as a presenter. We build confident communicators in individual or group sessions, helping you to deliver the powerful messages you need to motivate and move others to action. Our experienced coaches will expertly guide you towards  peak performance in whatever presentation or briefing formats you use. Whether delivering persuasive communications in the boardroom, high stakes client or investor presentations, industry appearances, internal briefings or even offering legislative testimony, our experts will guide you into powering up your professional communications. Using video-taped, highly interactive exercises and personalized feedback sessions, you’ll be coached by those who’ve been there through rounds of practice. You’ll gain confidence while learning valuable techniques to help you meet even your most challenging communications.


Power up your executive presence in ways that connect with your target audiences, all while maintaining authenticity and relatability.   

 If you or your team deliver sales presentations, keynotes, seek to inspire team members, or brief clients and partners, we’ll help you present at your best. Call today The Pincus Group for a free consultation, and power up all of your professional communications with the presentation training company.

Presentations That Stand Out

The Pincus Group will help you turn ordinary presentations into extraordinary opportunities. Our expert presentation skills training focuses on helping you identify and build on your professional communication strengths,  guiding you to use those strengths to connect with your target audiences. Powerful and memorable presentations aren’t solely about the content presented, or even about the presenter’s knowledge of that content. Mere data isn’t likely to inspire, motivate, or move a target audience to a desired outcome on its own. That takes dynamic presenters, knowing just how to connect with their audiences, whether it be an audience of one or thousands, in a boardroom, during a remote presentation, or face to face with an audience in an auditorium. Our expert trainers build authentic and powerful communicators, one professional at a time. Working with a Pincus Group coach means you’ll build the skills you need to deliver powerfully effective presentations each and every time. You’ll power up everything from your non-verbal skills like tone,  pacing, body language and inflection, to your verbal power, story-telling and persuasive abilities, and deliver it all displaying the kind of executive presence every organization values. Whether you’re hoping to polish and professionalize your team’s efforts, or building specific skills for individuals, The Pincus Group is your partner in achieving your goals. Our expert coaches have been on the front lines helping thousands of executives in the public and private sector successfully build powerfully effective communicators, who can engage their target audiences and produce real results for their organizations.

We at The Pincus Group, understand these communication skills have less to do with your title and more to do with effective, guided training at the hands of an expert professional. Many simply have had to learn professional communication skills the hard way, through trial and error, or by trying to emulate someone else. Delivering powerful presentations and briefings every time in every venue takes learning what works for you through targeted and effective feedback, exactly the value our clients receive from our coaches. In today’s competitive workplace, those who can communicate powerfully with others, who can explain, enlighten and even influence others through communication, stand out. Our training builds powerfully effective communicators who are authentic, confident presenters in every venue, no matter the challenge.

Whether you’re a seasoned presenter looking for new ways to elevate your performance, or a professional who’s been given a new, higher profile role and want to be sure you’re ready for the challenge, our coaches will expertly prepare you for success. Call or email today for a free evaluation and start your journey toward powerfully effective communications.    


Executive presence, real presentation skill and powerful communications don’t always correlate to experience, position or title. As responsibilities and roles change, so do demands on professionals to communicate powerfully, concisely and memorably to others. Hiring managers look for those who cannot only understand and work through the challenges they’re given, but who can also communicate that information to others up and down the chain of command. No matter what the role, position or job description, those professionals who can effectively present and communicate to those inside and outside their sphere of knowledge are priceless. Regardless of title, effective communication is a professional success marker that’s highly valued in every organization. 


That’s why those familiar with boardrooms and even those who’ve never set foot in one, need to be powerfully effective communicators. Whether you’re the one briefing decision-makers or hoping to become one, powerfully effective communication tools are an essential piece of the skill set that will get you there. Those tools can be quickly gained and deepened through hands-on guidance by our expert coaches. As a presentation training company, we match the right coach with the right agenda to help organizations and individuals identify and then power up their unique strengths as communicators. Our goal is to help professionals make sure those strengths are obvious to everyone watching and listening to them. Every Pincus Group client is unique and every agenda is uniquely crafted to ensure success. We also stay committed to our clients’ success through our unique included coach on call service, designed to make sure our clients have continued support.

Powerful communicators aren’t born, they’re made, and we’re here to help you unleash your potential. Call The Pincus Group today for a free consultation on presentation skills training so you can begin your journey toward powerfully effective communications today.

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High Stakes Presentation Skills Training

Solid presentation skills are an asset to every business, but they’re crucial for successful businesses at key junctures. If your organization or team presents to regulators, lawmakers, or investors, you know these high-stake communications can lead to make-or-break decisions. Leveraging these moments to best advantage can’t be left to chance. Not every employee with the right subject knowledge is effective at communicating that knowledge to key stakeholders, especially under pressure. When every single member of your team must be at their best, it’s time to bring in the best professionally guided presentation coaching. We work with individuals and teams at the highest levels to make sure they’re individually and collectively ready for the spotlight, whether they’re key note speakers, part of a team delivering oral bids, testifying in public forums, answering investor questions, or dealing with state or federal regulators and lawmakers, our coaches ready them for success when it counts most. When confident communications are a must, turn to the pros at The Pincus Group to give you and your team the competitive edge you need.


High Stakes Media Training

Seizing the moment to make the most out of every media opportunity doesn’t happen by chance. The Pincus Group expertly readies newsmakers, elected officials, public figures, and executives of all stripes to pro-actively build reputations for themselves and their organizations. We guide both veterans and newcomers to the interview process with immediately applicable skills to apply in all kinds of venues; live TV, radio, internet and traditional print mediums. We’ll get you or your team ready to shine in every interview, no matter the industry or subject. We even ready clients facing hostile questions in challenging high stakes circumstances. If you or your team is in the spotlight, we’re here to help build confident communicators that help turn every opportunity into a win. Make the most out of your next media interview. Call the pros at The Pincus Group to make sure you are at your confident best for every media appearance.



Your message is your story. Messages help you communicate your story in a way your audience can hear and remember. When they are effective, messages help set you apart and persuade others at the same time. Finding the right message is crucial to effective communication. Combined with presentation skills training that help you deliver those messages effectively, they are the cornerstone of your communications,. Keeping your messages effective as time and circumstances change, is as important as making sure those within your organization are consistently communicating them. harder. At TPG, our experts can help you cut through the noise to effectively reach your target audiences each and every time. We’ll make sure your messages are clear, consistent and credible. Call us for a free consultation today, and start matching the power of your communication to the power of your ideas.

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Nothing guarantees success the way effective communication can. And no one delivers communications training more effectively than The Pincus Group.

Communications and media training are what we’re passionate about. Communications success for each and every client is what we’re committed to. We come by our unique expertise the old fashioned way … we’ve earned it. All of our senior trainers gained their expertise on the front lines of communications as former national and local reporters, with decades of experience asking the questions and writing the stories you’ve heard, read, and seen. We combine that unique experience with expertise gained on the other side of the communications spectrum. We’ve worked as senior political advisors, corporate communication executives, speech writers, and public speakers.

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Each session is customized, but all involve interactive practice with our seasoned coaches. Our clients learn by doing, enhancing skills with videotaped exercises specifically designed for them. We match the right coach to the right client and design agendas in half-day, full-day or two-day sessions to produce targeted and concrete results. Remote or in person sessions now available.
We’ve successfully trained an incredible array of individuals, teams, and groups. We’ve coached sales teams, academics, researchers, scientists, diplomats and public figures at every executive level, with a special expertise working with C-suite executives. We’ve worked with startups and Blue Chip firms, public and private sector clients, local community groups to national organizations, in small cities to international offices. We help a wide variety of those in the public eye as well as those engaged in B2B and internal communications. In short, we excel at training anyone whose success depends on communicating with power.
We offer half-day (in Washington DC), full-day and two-day sessions. Some clients train with us in preparation for a single event, while others come back repeatedly for ongoing work as new initiatives arise. We’re proud that so many of our clients come back to us over the years as their needs change.
Yes! We teach you a methodology for preparing for speeches, presentations, testimony, or media interviews, walk you through best practices, and then expertly guide your individual performance through rounds of videotaped, realistic practices. Ask us about our full year of free follow-up consultations designed to help you stay on track with new skills. And visit our client page for more on what our existing clients have to say about their results.
From Washington DC to Washington State, from Denver to Dubai, our trainers are on the go wherever our clients need us. Virtual sessions are now also available, or you can train with us at a location convenient to you. Our new international office serving Western Europe is now open.